Welcome to my newly redesigned blog. After relying on my son-in-law, Tim Swan, to keep me out of trouble since my blog started just about 10 years ago, I have set out on my own. But not without his help in getting me through the transition. This move has involved a switch in the platform I use to run the website and a major overhaul of the appearance of the blog. The older posts, prior to July 28, 2017 are still available on the site archive, although the format may be a bit messy due to losses in translation. The last 10 posts have been re-formatted. The major change, other than appearance, is that only the first 6 or 7 lines appear on the home page. You have to click the link to view the whole post. This is the way most blogs are organized these days. You can again add comments, and I hope you will. I have more control over spam and hope to be able to keep it off the blog. I had to stop after I found I was getting overwhelmed with spammers.

I timed this change with what I expect is the last revision of my new book, at least until I get instructions from the publisher I have yet to find. I can truly make good on my promises to get back to the blogging. I have broken it too often as the demands of getting through the writing proved more than I could easily handle.

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