The level of behavior in Washington has gotten to such a low level that the usual language of politics and government is no longer very useful. There’s little or no point throwing in words like liberal or conservative; certainly not progressive. Fairness, justice, or equality causes nothing but blank stares. Service simply raises an image of the huge tip left on the table by the donor that Paul Ryan had lunch with last week. Constitutional is limited to talk about the morning’s workout. Harassment is what the media are creating with their fake news.

The following seven words have been forbidden in CDC documents: vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” If the Bannon (sic) of words continues, pretty soon there won’t be any meaningful ones left. I thought I would offer a short list, in case we can still talk freely about what is really happening.

My list runs from A to Z, with a few extras thrown in. The only letter I had to stretch a bit to include is “Z,” but even that one is not so far out.

Amoral, Base, Corrupt, Cruel, Deaf, Dishonest, Embarrassing, Fake, Greedy, Hypocritical, Immoral, Irresponsible, Janus-faced, Knavish, Lying, Malfeasant, Nasty, Odious, Orwellian, Petty, Quixotic, Ruthless, Shameful, Smug, Spiteful, Two-faced, Unprincipled, Unjust, Venal, Wanton,Xenophobic, Yellow, Zany

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