Good-bye to a tumultuous year. A new war. The Jan 6 findings. Horrible performance of the stock market. Covid hanging around. Elections better than expected, but still upsetting the already fractious Congress. Starting to downsize in anticipation of moving to a “retirement community.” But not all with negative ramifications. Halfway to being 92, and in good physical and mental health. Still gifted with a loving spouse to keep me company and warm at night. Busy family, but still no great grandchildren on the horizon. My children haven’t tried to take away the car keys yet, so am happily getting about. Did get rid of one car that was sitting and rusting. New computer and display to keep up with the ever-changing world of Macintosh operating systems. Expect to teach a short course, based on my book and other writings, at GCAS in the fall. Interesting institution of higher learning, you can look up GCAS on the web. Getting closer and closer to really retiring. About time.

Happy New Year, and may 2023 bring happiness and health to you. And may the world takes some giant steps toward flourishing

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