For those who come looking for something new, I apologize for the long absence. I have been working on some new stuff and have been buried in the process. But just to make sure you now I am still up and about, here is a poem that I recently wrote. As it tells, I am in a pretty down mood about the state of the world. Love to have your comments.

No Tears Left

As I walked, I saw a tree cry.
A maple waking up, I thought.
No, it was a great oak’s sadness.
I passed by a rock, wet with some
Flowing water. Was the Bible
Coming alive before my eyes?
I walked under another tree,
And felt some raindrops on my head,
But no dark clouds were in plain sight.
A flock of sparrows filled its branches,
Their sad eyes sodden and bleary.
Just beyond, I saw a squirrel
Dry its eyes with its bushy tail.
The sidewalk split; a stream emerged.
As I crossed it, a voice asked,
Why was I not crying, too?
I have no tears left, I thought.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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