I know I am in the same boat with many of you. It helped me to find expression in poetry. You can fill the word in ****.

Pissing in the Wind

John Ehrenfeld

That is how I feel today;
The angst just won’t go away.
This political season
Defies all rhyme or reason.
Can the country’s center hold
Against a party so bold
And completely corrupted,
When a death interrupted
A most fraught situation,
That threatens our dear Nation
And shows the venality
And crooked mentality
Of the Senate majority
Serving a minority
Of the whole population?
It has led to frustration
Because I have to admit
That I am feeling unfit
And also disenfranchised.
I’ve finally realized
That to counteract ****
Involves too many hassles
And acts I know are not right.
Ethics demand a fair fight,
Based upon sound principle —
The People are invincible.
It is them they vowed to serve,
And it takes a lot of nerve
To flaunt the Constitution
And dis the Institution
Upon which our Freedom rests.
Not my vote nor my protests
Can match their corrupt power,
Which has left a taste so sour,
I don’t know where to begin.
It’s like pissing in the wind.

2 Replies to “Read This Aloud”

  1. Hello John
    Pissing in the wind and tripping over stools is not only a matter of getting wet; we’re al in the s**t. We’re driving home to Texas slowly through many impoverished places (by chance) both urban and rural. It is astonishing to see so many signs for Chump. How can even simple minds imagine that he cares for them or will ever show them compassion? We saw much support expressed for him in Richmond NC (25%+ poverty rate and a non-white majority of 47%) and driving through the agricultural parts of the state where almost every home is a disheveled single wide, the same was true. We are presently camping in our ancient pop up at a campground in SC where by my guesstimate, there are big RVs to the total value of billions (many new shiny vehicles cost $100K+), I stroll by signs for Chump/Pence and pass by people (mainly men) watching the man on large screen outdoor TVs; one even obviously imagined he had a better chance of selling his RV with a small ‘for sale’ sign on one side of the windshield and a big Chump sign on the other!
    Maybe we should never have been teaching management, but would have been impactful in adult education?
    It does not stop me fitfully writing about purpose driven startups. I am encouraged by the way that so many new ventures seek both profit ant to change the world for the better. Some investors like Blackrock and multinationals like Danone do too, of course.
    Go well, keep safe… and writing to inspire us all.

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