With the so-called “sarcastic” remark about shooting up with powerful disinfectants, the President has gone over the edge. Better the edges because there are so many limits that are being transcended by this clown. How anyone can condone the acts of this snake oil salesman who occupies the highest office of the land is beyond me. What he did is so reprehensible as to eliminate any remaining questions about his ability to spend even one more day in the White House. Peddling snake oil remedies from the Rose Garden, perhaps understandable in 1800, seems to be the epitome of high crimes and misdemeanors.

It might not have been so egregious if it were not for the zombies that hear his words as if they were coming from God and rush to act without a moment’s thought as to the consequences. Most of the time, the consequences fall on others, but, this time, it is his own followers that he has put at risk. I am quite certain that there will be people who will be injured or worse. As certain as my and others guess as to how many have died or suffered gravely from the virus because of the President’s dithering and failure to understand anything about its scourge.

The focus of next November’s election has largely been on the President., but needs to be expanded to the Congress, and to those who have been silent. Our electoral system, as we know, cannot prevent the election of people completely unable to fulfill the duties of the Office. Some simply acknowledge that and say, “We get whatever we deserve.” I’ll accept that, but that doesn’t let the Congress off the hook. They are sworn to defend the Constitution and serve to check the behavior of the President. Their silences are clearly impeachable actions, but they are protected, as who can impeach the impeachers.

Nice doesn’t work any more. Reasonable doesn’t either. Dealing with the mess in the White House has transcended any sort of partisan basis. The fallout from these failures of compassion and truth-telling will affect everyone. We might have made it until Trump’s term is up, but for the corona virus’s attack. Not now. We cannot wait until the next election. Now is not the time to take to the streets, but it is time to let people in power everywhere know of your concerns. Write your Congressmen and Senators in Washington and in your Capitols. Demand that they speak out and use their powers to prevent this clown in the White House from further damaging the country and magnifying the risks that we the people face everyday.

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