I have tried to avoid blogging about the political morass we find ourselves in these days. I can’t avoid the mess, but do not have to add to the depth of all the stuff piling up out there. But today, I read an excellent, classy oped piece by Tom Friedman in the New York Times. The title, “Trump, Zuckerberg & Pals Are Breaking America,” is quite self-descriptive. I encourage anyone that follows my blog to read it. There is not much anyone of us can do, alone, about the breakdown of our political/governance system, except to honor your responsibilities as a citizen.

But there is much all of us can do about the hubris of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook. We can stop using it and encourage everyone we know to do the same. We can and, it seems, we ought to, live without it if we hope to rebuild the underlying need for trust in both people and facts that have been eroding before our eyes. It’s late right now, but I will be zapping my own Facebook account first thing tomorrow. But not until I use it to send out this message. If you read this and agree, please follow suit and get your friends to do it.

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