This photo was taken about an hour before we watched fireworks from our porch. It provided the real fire for the evening. The setting Moon is just visible in the upper left. We don’t get one as spectacular every night, but do have more than our share during the summer. Our cottage is on the western side of a roughly north-south peninsula, offering us a rare view of sunsets over a small piece of the Atlantic.

Every year Freeport has a show that is visible from our house. The bursts come over the trees about halfway between the setting Moon and already set Sun. This year, the night was so clear that we really could see every little burst. It’s always quite a panorama with fireworks shows coming at three or four places along the western horizon. The handful of roman candles our neighbor always sets off provide a little noise, but pale in comparison to the bursts we see far off in the distance.

For the last year or so, I have taken to writing sonnets, mostly about something that happened. This one followed yesterday’s July Fourth festivities.

July 4, 2019

Summer is in full bloom today;
The rainy, cold weather has passed.
Once again we are off to play
At our good friend’s holiday blast.
There’s deviled eggs and pies galore;
The usual burgers and franks.
The eagle flying by the shore,
And not a sign of Sherman tanks.
Later, tired from all the play,
We watch fireworks across the bay.
As the brilliant bursts fade away,
We give thanks for a peaceful day.
July Fourth stands for the need to talk straight
About what has made America great.

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