About a year ago I gave made a presentation of my recent work on flourishing to a conference of industrial designers in Oslo. The talk was chosen to be among a handful of papers to be published in a special edition of She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation. Don’t let the name daunt you; the paper is published in English.

The paper, “Flourishing: Designing a Brave New World” follows the story-line of my coming book. It discusses the grounds for flourishing, the role of the brain hemispheres in creating our present social and environmental  precarious conditions, and some ways to change our trajectory toward a flourishing future.

If you are interested you can download a pdf copy by clicking the following link:

Ehrenfeld 2019 Flourishing. Designing a Brave New World

While I am advertising my wares, I’ll add a podcast, Transforming the Economy through Caring: A conversation with Dr. John Ehrenfeld, that just was published on the Sustainable Century website. It’s more general, covering my personal background and critical views about how “sustainability” is being addressed.


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