Never waste a moment again.

Never let the world come in.

Never worry that some one

Will look at you enjoying fun.
Time is money so they say.

Working in our modern way

Spare5, the app, finds jobs to fill.

No chance for existential thrills.

A penny here, a nickel there,

You’ll soon not have a cupboard bare.
But like the Red Shoes dancer,
Life for you will have no answer.
Time is never there to kill.

Nor to deliver you a bill.

It’s all we have to let us be.

Free moments are a part of me.
I need to stop myself some times
And listen to the warbler’s chimes
Without a single moment’s thought
Of don’t or must or should or ought.

I need to let time pass me by

Without thinking what I should buy.

Idleness is part of what makes me human.

Damn technology—no flowers bloomin’.
* Inspired by a Globe [article]( on an app that turns idle time into $$. (slightly revised 12/11/14)

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