On August 24th, I delivered my first (and probably only) commencement address to the graduates of the Marlboro College Graduate School in Brattleboro, VT. I had been teaching in their MBA for Managing Sustainability until last January. I had a chance to watch with great pride a handful of those I taught among the graduates from other programs. I am attaching my address should anyone be interested in reading it. It was very well received.

2013 Commencement Address.pdf

3 Replies to “My First Commencement Address”

  1. John,
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Given today’s celebration, commemoration and reflection on Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” this new goal of flourishing I think has particular resonance.
    Might it be worth going over MLK’s speech and “updating” it with the language of flourishing. I re-read the speech yesterday and was thinking not too many changes would be needed to take it to the even higher level of flourishing!

  2. Thanks, Antony. Someone else will have to do that. It’s not so much the precise language that King uses but the historical power and context that makes it so special as not to be tinkered with. I do agree that the present times demand a similar stirring call to action. Maybe I will find the words, but I invite everyone to give it a heartfelt try.

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