A month or so, this blog was switched to a new server, creating a flood of spam comments. Shortly thereafter, I added a spam filter to try to manage the flow. I discovered today that the filter was putting everything into the spam file, which I did not monitor carefully before trashing all the contents. So if your comments have not showed up, I apologize.
I am “tweaking” the filters to find a happy medium. I would prefer a few false positives, spam getting through, to missing your comments. If you do send me comments that disappear into thin air, you can alert me with an email sent to the link at the bottom of the right-hand column on the home page.
I will be continuing to post to the blog after my new book is published. Very soon!! I am in the process of redesigning the whole website. Your suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Thanks John for sharing your blog with us. I’m just about to graduate from a Master of Education in Tasmania (Australia) and wanted to let you know that your concepts around flourishing were helpful to me in my thinking around sustainability.
    I’ve just completed a thesis entitled “Arts for Sustainability: a new conceptualisation towards transformative education for sustainability”. On this journey I (like many others it seems) found the word “sustainability” problematic. Your writings on flourishing provided an alternative perspective that helped me move forward rather than becoming mired in contested notions of what sustainability is, isn’t, should be etc. So, thanks and I look forward to continuing to engage with your writings.
    Kind regards,

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