I’ll be away for the next few days and unsure of internet access. I am going to participate in a conference on The Aesthetic Nature of Change, sponsored by the [Institute for Cultural Change]( This is what they say about themselves.
> ICC Mission

> The Institute for Cultural Change seeks to promote individual, ecological, and cultural evolution through the development of educational models that foster curiosity, imagination, personal reflection, and cross-cultural dialogue.
> ICC Vision

> Our aim is to create and connect an impassioned global community committed to altering how we humans might relate to our self, each other and the natural world less destructively, to discover ways to interact in less violent, racist and sexist ways, and to work toward augmenting conscious change in a challenging world.
I suspect it will be a little like traveling in an exotic foreign land, as the people coming are largely from communities I rarely encounter. The dominant background is Jungian and depth psychology. I am looking forward to getting out of my box and into another, but concerned that I lack the language to interact fully. But with sustainability as a major theme, I shouldn’t fret overly much. I do share their vision and mission. Anyway, Ojai should be a pleasant interlude.

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