Summer has finally come to Maine at least for a few days. I will try to enjoy it while it lasts. The forecasts are showing more rain and overcast skies. Family and friends will be arriving over the next few weeks. I’ll be posting articles I find interesting and relate to sustainability in some way without much comment of my own.
I have been following the writer of this piece, Umair Haque, for a while. While we are of different generations, I resonate with his thoughts. It must be quite a stretch for the Harvard Business Press to maintain his postings. He has just published a [Manifesto for Generation M]( that is full of talk about sustainability, as I define it, without ever mentioning the S word. I put a lot less emphasis on the digital world than he does, but that is probably due to the generational difference between us. I’ve yet to acquire an iPod or iPhone, although I have owned almost every Macintosh model since they hit the market.

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