I will be in the Netherlands for the next ten days, mostly in Delft, see photo. I will be participating in the 40th anniversary Jubilee of the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty at the Technical University of Delft. I spent a year there in 2001 and got many of the ideas about design while visiting. My host, Han Brezet and his group have been leaders in developing, first, methods for Design for the Environment (DfE) and now, design for sustainability (DfS). Posting may be irregular until I get back.

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  1. Yesterday I attended the ‘top 10’ talk delivered by yourself in TU Delft and I have to say it was truly inspirational. In addition I was fortunate enough to bring along an academic team from Muenster and Turin and they too were deeply impressed not only with your talk but your underlying message.
    You have created a buzz in other sections of the University here.
    Many thanks

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