Seen from a British point of view.


It’s occurring to me that actually this economic downturn and the radical change this is likely to make to our lives could actually be a good thing. For one thing there is obviously a respite for the global atmosphere due to economic growth shrinking. OK so that’s coincidental and not planned shrinking but it perhaps widens the fast closing window of opportunity for us to put in place the kinds of radical changes we need to reverse runaway climate chaos. I tend to think that what some are seeing as a temporary set-back to the eternally escalating growth model is actually far more fundamental. I’m not sure the economy will look much like it does post Depression 2.0.

And if like me you buy into the perspective that all that economic growth-chasing affluenza has conned us into thinking it will bring us ‘good lives’, then actually the dulling of the background ‘buy buy buy’ noise might give citizens and the collective some head-space to tune into deeper resonating and more meaningful messages about the true meaning of meaning and flourishing etc. I know that sort of thinking sounds very hippyish and a bit daft to many – but some of you might agree with me?

. . . But I am hopeful that as we start to have to dig deeper into Citizen Values, to talk to and trust our neighbours and become more reliant on each other, we may find greater riches than we ever thought we had or could even dream of.

Not so different from my own thoughts from this side of the Atlantic.

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