Marketplace has this interesting audio .

A growing body of research shows the most effective way to get people to go green is not through do-good appeals, but rather peer pressure. Sarah Gardner reports on the latest research findings.

peer pressure balls.jpg

It makes interesting listening and is worth the five minutes it takes. I do accept the findings that peer pressure is effective in bringing about changed behavior, but I also believe that this behavior modification method leaves existing belief structures in place. It good for reducing unsustainability. Great. But it does little or even may hinder the move to sustainability since the actor fails to realize his or her role in creating the very mess they want to clean up. Sustainability, as flourishing, rests solidly on restoring the human consciousness of our connections to the world and our responsibility for preventing the mess in the first place. Trying to fix the world after we have broken it is inevitably a losing game. Complex systems rarely return to the same old place.

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