A Bum Rap


I take green issues very seriously, but occasionally I cannot help but seeing some humor out there. I know we should be looking everywhere for ways to lessen the impact of our mindless consumption. But I can't help myself from breaking into the tiniest of a grin about this serious piece. The headline tells enough, "America's Love Affair with Really Soft Toilet Paper Is Causing an Environmental Catastrophe." Here's the gist.

Americans have been long chastised for our environmental footprints (and for good reason). But the latest report from environmental groups including Greenpeace should give us major reason to pause. The Guardian could not have said it any better:

The tenderness of the delicate American buttock is causing more environmental devastation than the country's love of gas-guzzling cars, fast food or McMansions, according to green campaigners. At fault, they say, is the US public's insistence on extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply products when they use the bathroom.

I can see the next slogan coming: "Do your duty for the environment."